Why Creatives Should Consider a Cleaning Service (For employment or Hire!)


“For Hire”

Hey there, it’s Emily again.
I have a question; When was the last time you created art?
If you’re thinking “Well, I’m not an artist.”  I respectfully disagree!
In my opinion, everyone is an artist. Everyone is a dancer, a painter, a sculptor, a singer. You may laugh at this, but only to distract the part of you that believes it!
We love to advise “you can do what you put your mind to!”
Typically, we mean this when it comes to things like work, parenting, fitness, five year plans, and day to day tasks. Pursuing the arts (even as a hobby) is a risky business, left to the world of childhood..
Quick life hack – Creativity is not just “something you’re born with.”
We all possess it, but we don’t all FINESSE it!

Like any other skill, creativity needs exercise, repetition, and a resources! Don’t be discouraged, a creative environment can be anything from a dark basement to a sandy beach. A creative space depends on YOU. Sometimes all you need is a pencil, or five feet. There are no rules or limits.. But you must start. You must start to explore your imagination, and you’ll find that the space creates itself.

I’m no expert, but after a lifetime of making everything from books, to fashion lines, to dances, to songs (I grew up an only child and had a lot of time on my hands). I’ve found that the best creative space is an organized, solitary space. There are many people out there who feel that their mess/clutter drives their art, but I’ve personally come to realize this; the more stuff I have, the less art I make.

So what does all of this have to do with Bella Cleaning? If creativity is a flower, consider us your gardeners! Bella Cleaning is here to knead the soil, and help you plant the seed. We know you want your home to be a source of inspiration, not a drain of it. The representatives of Bella Cleaning are creative people, and we understand how order allows creation. If your creative habits boil in cooking, let us clear your kitchen. If your pictures form in a studio, let us dust off your tools.

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

With love,
Emily and the Bella Cleaning Crew

Why Creatives Should Consider a Cleaning Service (For employment or Hire!)


“For Employment”

Hi there, my name is Emily and I am your resident contributor. I am also one of a few “creative types” employed at Bella Cleaning!
I have involved myself in the arts since kindergarten, they are truly my passion.
I spent my adolescence in rural Colorado singing in choir, competing on my high school’s dance team, and performing in musicals. I have a deep connection to songwriting and music production, and I have always seen a vision of myself on the stage or behind it. When it came time for college, I made the decision to travel to Phoenix, Arizona and pursue a degree in Dance Performance at Arizona State University. During my time at ASU, I became heavily involved with street dance and hip hop culture (and still am to this day!) Over my six years spent in Arizona, I taught dance at a local studio and traveled across state lines, even to Sao Paulo, Brazil to involve myself in the biggest rewards that dance has to offer, my personal favorite being; Community.

It’s no secret why my love for the arts, thirst for inspiration, and urge to create brought me to New York. After completing my degree, teaching, working, and exploring life “post college,” I felt an urge to move to the big apple. It just so happens I was born here, and so were my parents, and their parents before them. It felt right to revisit the east coast and weigh my chances. I had no plan on where to begin, and so here we are!
When “Cleaning” crossed my path, I was willing to work in whatever field… immediately. As most artists, I was juggling multiple jobs and sources of income when I experienced an unfortunate fallout in my endeavors. Everything deflated at once. I was left unemployed. And so, the job search began. I needed variety, something spacious, physical, something that would not create conflict with my mental flow of thoughts and ideas. I needed something flexible, but also consistent. I needed a boss that wanted to know me, and a staff I wanted to get to know. I couldn’t let New York defeat me!
That’s when Bella Cleaning twirled into view.

I have been working for a cleaning company for seven months now. As a creative person, I find purpose in my work every day. Why? Because for each client, I make a difference. Through cleaning, organizing, and tidying, I find myself and I utilize my creative eye. It’s up to me to make the space look “right.” I multitask my day dream and my responsibilities. I apply my personal touch in each room I enter, and that feeling of control is addicting! I’ve learned many things during work, such as “letting go.”
You’ll find that when you work in the cleaning industry, you revisit the same houses, the same circumstances, and the same “situations” (messes). I have learned to detach from my work. I’ve learned to appreciate my influence and not become emotional about whether it lingers or just disappears. Can you hear the “artist” in my voice yet?
Another important skill you learn in a cleaning company? Team work. It sounds cliche, but I believe that is one of the most endearing benefits of this job. You learn how to pull your weight, and you get to do so in peace. The feeling of trust you gain in people, knowing they’re doing their part and you are doing yours.. What a relief! Discipline, mental flexibility, and communication. That is what cleaning has brought to my life.
I always think about how much an artist would benefit from this work. I see so many of my peers in the food service, restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. At this point in my life, I just don’t get it. After years of trying, I came to realize that “serving” was never really my forte. Working in food service was always a risk; from the scheduling, to the pay. It never made me feel secure. And when you’re trying to nurture your next epiphany, security is key! Imagine performing your job duties in silence, or with your favorite music playing through your earbuds.. Nobody on your back? A lovely scenario, eh?

So I could continue to talk about myself, but wouldn’t you rather discover my advice first hand? My fellow creatives, this is for you! Consider Bella Cleaning as a company that not only values your character, but the future you see in your horizons. We provide flexible scheduling, consistent hourly pay, and most importantly, genuine support of your personal goals. We speak on hard-hitting issues between each job, we converse over philosophies, we shatter stereotypes, and laugh over pop culture and Mean Girls references (did you know it’s becoming a musical?!)

Before you turn down this opportunity, consider what you might be missing!
We look forward to meeting you!
With love,
Emily and the Stars of Bella Cleaning

Hoarding and Bella Cleaning

Things to know about our Clean-Out Services  

Statistics show, compulsive “Hoarding” affects 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the United States. This disorder stems from anxiety, depression, stress, and fear (although the individual in question may never show these warning signs publicly). Overall, the act of hoarding displays a fixation towards material objects and an inability to throw away or get rid of personal possessions. Below is a short definition:
People with hoarding disorder excessively save items that others may view as worthless. They have persistent difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions, leading to clutter that disrupts their ability to use their living or work spaces.”

So you may be asking yourself, Where does Bella Cleaning come in?

Since 2010, Juliet Pocali, CEO of Bella Cleaning Inc, has been working in the field of family estate performing heavy duty clean-outs. Typically, Bella Cleaning is hired by a family member, estate attorney of the family, or real estate agent. Often times, Bella Cleaning works with families who have been assisting their loved-one in and out of hospitalization, or have recently lost a loved-one. It is not usual to be hired by the hoarder themselves, as the condition of hoarding creates a struggle for the individual to make a change to their lifestyle. It is vital for family and friends of a hoarder to understand that their loved-one’s condition is fragile. At this time, Bella Cleaning does not provide therapy or emotional support by working with the individual directly.
With that being said, Bella Cleaning takes pride in developing lasting relationships with clean-out clientele. It is extremely important that a clean-out service can provide special attention while sifting through garbage and personal property to locate and retain objects of value, significance and sentimental value. We know this fact through and through. Aside from sifting and sorting, there is general garbage disposal, and perhaps a cleaning at the very end. And so, with all of these particulars present, it’s normal for new clientele to bite their nails over how much a full clean-out is going to cost the estate.

Bella Cleaning’s “things to consider” when pricing a clean-out:

  • Property size (Square footage)
  • Location of property (Commute time, city vs suburbs)
  • Type of property (House with acreage vs high-rise apartment)
  • Functionality of major amenities (Working conditions are affected by aspects such as plumbing, water, heat, and air conditioning being in proper working order)
  • Amount of materials to be disposed (Workload)
  • Method of disposal (Will the job require sorting for valuables, dumpster rental)
  • Biohazardous material (Presence of bodily fluids, feces, blood, animals, toxic waste)
  • Sanitation supplies/Protective Equipment (Protective gear for health and safety)
  • Number of crew members needed (The muscle)
  • Time needed (Projected amount of hours across number of days)
  • Level of client involvement (Will client be present throughout process)

Although navigating the obstacle that, in this case, is “family” in a time sensitive-environment may seem like a challenge, it’s just another day on the job for Bella Cleaning! If you or someone you know is considering a clean-out, and wish to work closely with a knowledgeable, personal, and judgement-free team, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help you and your loved-ones get the job done with peace of mind, respect and class.

With Love,
Bella Cleaning

“From what I’ve seen, it isn’t so much the act of asking that paralyzes us–it’s what lies beneath: the fear of being vulnerable, the fear of rejection, the fear of looking needy or weak. The fear of being seen as a burdensome member of the community instead of a productive one. It points, fundamentally, to our separation from one another.”
-Amanda Palmer, “The Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help”

Got Pets? We Would Love to Meet Them!

Charging a  “pet absence fee” is a running joke on the Bella Cleaning squad. Why? Because one of the highlights of our day is having the honor of interacting with your furry family members!  The Bella reps get to know your pet on a first name basis.

There’s Rocco, and Maggie, and Livy, and Oliver, and Penny, and Molly, and Lily, and Christina.. Well the list goes on!

We understand your pets are near and dear to your heart. Just like humans, they age, they change, and without them… The feeling of “home” just wouldn’t be the same! We know how important it is your cleaning service understands that. We’ve been known to pay careful attention to pets with special needs, and aging pets who have the occasional accident in your home. Rest assured, Bella Cleaning approaches your pet kindly and calmly!

And let’s get real… we love our dogs and cats, but we don’t love the mess! There’s the hair, the dirt, the fleas, the slobber, the litter, the feed, and the food. You need a cleaning service that helps you maintain your home, while providing trustworthy and responsible companionship to your pets.

If you Love your pets…but also love a clean home, hearing from you would be pawesome! Feel free to call us for a complimentary estimate: 646.508.0335

Bella Cleaning

Meet Your New Sidekicks!


Meet your New Sidekicks!

3,941,109 babies were born in the United States last year and we’re just throwing out a guess, but that sounds like 3,941,109 families who could really use some helping hands!

It’s not any easy task to bring a tiny little human to the world. In addition, it feels downright impossible finding “you-time” amongst all the needs your new babe requires. We’re sure the last thing on your mind is scrubbing soap scum in the shower, and that’s probably because you’re too busy…
-Changing diapers
-Washing bottles
-Doing laundry
-Running errands
-Visiting with family
-Taking naps
-Preparing food
And… you know
-Guiding your newborn through this vast universe of trials and tribulations
-Keeping every inch of your eyes on them at all times

Our basic services give new moms and dads the peace of mind that comes with a fresh, organized, and most importantly for baby; sanitary home. Chose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly agreement customizable to your family’s wants and needs.
It’s our honor to assist new parents with their transition into parenthood, and we can’t forget all those seasoned parents out there who are welcoming yet another!

With love,
The Bella Babes

So you want to hire a cleaning service…


We get it, the whole “asking for help” thing doesn’t always come easy!

But if you could…
Imagine a world where your peace-of- mind transcends self-help audio books, and takes new shape as an organized living room. The residue of the family rush, untraceable. Dust bunnies & rabbits, no longer lurking beneath your bed. Imagine a clean slate on which to form healthy habits, and a rejuvenated sense of order in your home (and by home, we really mean soul).
At Bella Cleaning, we’ve observed that the toughest part of our jobs is getting through a new client’s door! We understand the procrastination we all associate with cleaning, and your needs for a judgment free zone! We know the jitters that come with sharing something personal; from your home, to prized possessions, large investments, pets, and most importantly family. We also understand that cleaning brings limitless transformation, and we would love to be the ones that facilitate it!

We get it, you have to think about it 🙂
There is no harm in a free estimate! Schedule a walk through today at 646.508.0335

The Bella Squad

The Time is Now!

Its 7am, the kids are awake and you’re still in bed. It’s time to pull up your socks and get to work. Appointments, classes, extra-curricular activities, and of course, the little things (like eating) all beckon your attention. As you transfer the morning chaos from the house and into the car, you only wish you had nine limbs. Super parent, this is for you.
It’s 3pm, which means it’s time to hit the gym. After another nightshift serving “drinks” (free advice) to the local bar-goers, you had just enough hours left to rest, rise, and train for that upcoming 5K. Its running season and you’re in it to win. So tomorrow you’ll do it all again, five seconds faster. Now if your roommate would just move a little quicker on those dishes. Aspiring athlete, this is for you.
It’s Noon, you’re home on a lunch break to get some peace and quiet. You’re met at the door by the love of your life, and a thick wall of pet dander. You’d do anything for that pooch, the one responsible for your chronic allergies and not-so-black formal wear. Hopelessly devoted pet owner, this is for you.
The time is now, and you’ve come to the right place. Whatever words may describe your journey, this post is for you.
We live in a demanding world; a hustle-now culture that makes life feel overwhelmingly fast. It seems nearly impossible to check every box. For the attention we want to pay (family, friends, travel, work, and personal goals) there is always a price. In this era, we have to get closer than ever before with a four letter word nobody likes to say; H-E-L-P. Every individual has their strengths, but more importantly, their weaknesses! And that’s where we come in.
At Bella Cleaning, we believe in using our strengths to pursue our passion. We let our work be the investment that propels our passions forward. Let us put our attention “here,” so you can put yours “there.” The time is now, and you’ve come to the right place!

With love,
Bella Cleaning

Heads Up, We’re in an Office Now!


I am so excited to tell you guys that, due to the hard work of our awesome staff and the loyalty of YOU BEAUTIFUL CLIENTS, we have officially moved into an office!


We’re now located in Mineola instead of Baldwin, but FEAR NOT! This changes absolutely nothing with anybody’s scheduling. We’re still going to continue providing excellent cleaning services near and far.

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Our CREW is brand spankin’ NEW (sort of, kind of, a little bit …)

Happy Friday, beautiful readers!

I just wanted to take a few short minutes to tell you about the changes happening at Bella Cleaning! Along with finding some seriously awesome office space, we also found some stellar cleaning specialists who have joined our lovely team!

Meet Emily and Summer!

Summer Emily Alvarez

I swear that it is only a strange coincidence, but both Emily and Summer are experienced dancers who both graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance. This is great for our clients, because let me tell you, both of these ladies are totally full of energy! They are also both kind and compassionate with a funny side; personally speaking, it is actually physically impossible to work with either of them without experiencing some awesome, bottom-of-the-belly laughs. Their quirkiness and charm make them a perfect fit for Bella Cleaning!

Adventurous and spontaneous, Emily has lived in numerous states around the country, always in search of a new adventure. At 18 years young, she moved to Tempe, Arizona from her home town of Carbondale, Colorado, where she pursued her degree and enjoyed life for several years. In May 2016, she moved to our beautiful state of New York, where she still actively pursues new outlets to exercise her creative energy.

Summer grew up with a single mom and as the oldest of sister of four. Edgy and witty, she charms our clients with her bubbly nature and chatty personality. Summer graduated from LIU Post and has since been constantly scouting for casting calls and auditions. She is cat-obsessed (which seriously makes her no different than the rest of us) and she is extremely fun to work with.

To read more about our newest team members and the senior crew members, visit our About Us page!

*Whispers* Also, between you and I, now is the perfect time to hire Bella Cleaning. I don’t think we’ve had a better crew than we do now!

Thanks for reading, folks! Now, go and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Your friendly neighborhood cleaning lady,

P.S. Isn’t it a great time to get a nice, deep Autumn cleaning? Contact us now and we’ll get you in the schedule!

Dear HGTV, Your Cleaning Crews Need More Credit!

Whenever I’m watching Chip and Joanna Gaines, or Jonathan and Drew Scott, or Christine and Tarek perform their magic in home renovations, I can’t help but constantly think to myself, “Where in the world are the cleaning people?!”

HGTV post

Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and basically every other home renovation show on HGTV seem to have something in common: the houses at the end are beautiful and spotless. Each show will feature this run-down, outdated, sometimes totally disgusting house, and then they’ll show a team get their hands dirty by knocking down walls and installing new finishes, usually followed by a staging crew that’ll make the space look stellar, finally resulting in a completely redone dream home. The one thing these shows seem to forget is to showcase the cleaning crew! I mean, come on now, how else do you guys think all of that sawdust and post-construction dirt is cleaned up? I’ll tell you one thing; it doesn’t just magically disappear.

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