Meet Your New Sidekicks!


Meet your New Sidekicks!

3,941,109 babies were born in the United States last year and we’re just throwing out a guess, but that sounds like 3,941,109 families who could really use some helping hands!

It’s not any easy task to bring a tiny little human to the world. In addition, it feels downright impossible finding “you-time” amongst all the needs your new babe requires. We’re sure the last thing on your mind is scrubbing soap scum in the shower, and that’s probably because you’re too busy…
-Changing diapers
-Washing bottles
-Doing laundry
-Running errands
-Visiting with family
-Taking naps
-Preparing food
And… you know
-Guiding your newborn through this vast universe of trials and tribulations
-Keeping every inch of your eyes on them at all times

Our basic services give new moms and dads the peace of mind that comes with a fresh, organized, and most importantly for baby; sanitary home. Chose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly agreement customizable to your family’s wants and needs.
It’s our honor to assist new parents with their transition into parenthood, and we can’t forget all those seasoned parents out there who are welcoming yet another!

With love,
The Bella Babes

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