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Hello there! My name is Emily and I am the Operations Manager at Bella Cleaning! I began working for Bella in the summer of 2017, and can confidently say that my experience working in the cleaning industry has been nothing short of life changing.

Working for a cleaning company was an ironic shift in course, especially if you were to ask my parents how I ended up here. As a child, I was the farthest thing from “clean.” I was an artistic tornado. I left dishes for weeks, messes for months, and literally cried over having to use the vacuum. For some reason, keeping up the house felt like the worst possible use of my time. Although domestic chores we’re painful to me, I had no problem doing outdoor work. I worked on a ranch for years, cared for dogs, and watched over a lot of kids growing up. I feel silly now, not only for disrespecting my mother about the housework, but for the mindset that a couple chores would break my back! I’ve learned that we all have different tendencies (and natural talents). Sometimes, cleaning doesn’t come easily to us, and that’s okay! But don’t be fooled, it can be learned! I liked to blame it on my creative personality back then, but if I’ve gained anything from working with Bella, it’s that “clean” is a practiced state of mind. We would like to think that an organized life only comes naturally to some, but the truth is that it is a skill available to all of us, it just takes mindfulness by a couple small steps each day (like anything else!)

Bella Cleaning has taught me how to be polished, efficient, and most importantly, objective! Cleaning does not have to be emotional, negative, daunting, stressful, or difficult. One of my favorite quotes details this perfectly; “The objective of cleaning, is not just to clean, but to inspire happiness within the environment.”

Here are a couple GAME CHANGING habits to consider implementing!

Take off your shoes!

If you’re finding yourself crying about the vacuum too, make this simple change! Our shoes track in hoards of foreign bodies. Between bacteria, dirt, and who knows what else… Wearing shoes around the house not only increases our chances of getting sick, they make our homes dirtier, FASTER. That means more work for you. This is especially important if you have kids! Coax your family (or yourself) into the habit of leaving their shoes at the door. Make it interesting! “Kick the day off at the door” and encourage a positive attitude at the end of the day (the day comes off with the shoes)!
Pro-tip: Get a shoe rack, shoe shelf, basket, or trunk so all those shoes can be neatly (or not so neatly) stored!

Hang your jacket!

Another very important part of home entry? Picking a designated area for sweaters and coats! Before I hung a coat rack on my wall, I was throwing my coats and vests onto my kitchen chair. Although it didn’t make a huge difference at first, I realized that if I allowed one jacket to be on a chair, it attracted other objects like a magnet! Before I knew it, my jacket was on the chair, and my purse was on the table, and my notebooks, and my mail, and my straightening iron, and my computer, and my makeup bag.. Suddenly my kitchen was my bedroom! Removing your shoes, and hanging your coat in a designated spot will start the decompression process and ensure that you’re not carrying your work/day space (and mess) into your “not work” space.

Wash your dish!

It wasn’t until working for Bella that I truly realized, dishes never take longer than twenty minutes. It’s incredible the ways we convince ourselves we don’t have time for simple tasks! A sink full of dishes can be play a big role in home stress. When you make a meal, wash dishes as you cook. Conquering a couple throughout your evening will leave a much more manageable sink for after the meal. If you have a large family, remember it’s okay to ask for help! Encourage your family to learn the habit of cleaning up, and working as a team.

Fold the blankets!

A messy blanket and littered pillows can break a space! Think about your living room or den similarly to the common bedroom of your home. Folded blankets leave a polished tone to the room and gives peace to the space.
Pro-tip: Get a rustic ladder or basket and drape or toss your blanket. Wala! For those of you pressed for time, no folding required.

Dry your feet!

So the reason we buy a mat for the bathroom floor is to avoid creating puddles, correct? What if I told you that you could fully dry off in the shower? Yes, you heard it hear first folks! Drying your body and your feet before stepping outside of the shower is a life changing habit! Now I personally have a thing against bathmats, and that is because I have vacuumed so many of them. Not only do they become damaged and waterlogged, they also collect dirt, hair, and even mold. Keep your bathroom tile fresh, dry, and easy to clean by nixing the bath mat and workin’ that towel!

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