Home is Where Love Resides


Home is Where Love Resides…

A sandy Long Island beach.
A warm fire on a cold night in Colorado.

A back road in Italy.
A wooden barn and the sound of barking dogs.

A drink at a bar with the kids you grew up with.
A quiet block in Tennessee.
A family celebration.

Home is subjective, it’s an emotion we make physical.. It’s a feeling we build and nurture.
Home is where love resides.

Memories are created, friends are welcomed, family is strengthened.
To some, home is an airplane ticket to the next destination. To others, home is the last house on the block, the same one your grandmother lived in, and her grandmother too.

No matter how your idea of home changes throughout your years, we hope that the love within it prevails.
We hope to share a love for what you love.

At Bella Cleaning, we assist in the aspects that make your home. We work together to understand what home means to you, and how we can make your home dreams come true. We assist in you and your family’s goals, by taking care of one thing so you can focus on another. We establish trust, so you can grow without a worry in the world.

Call us today to set up a free estimate, you’ll be happy you did!
Xo, Bella Cleaning


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