The Time is Now!

Its 7am, the kids are awake and you’re still in bed. It’s time to pull up your socks and get to work. Appointments, classes, extra-curricular activities, and of course, the little things (like eating) all beckon your attention. As you transfer the morning chaos from the house and into the car, you only wish you had nine limbs. Super parent, this is for you.
It’s 3pm, which means it’s time to hit the gym. After another nightshift serving “drinks” (free advice) to the local bar-goers, you had just enough hours left to rest, rise, and train for that upcoming 5K. Its running season and you’re in it to win. So tomorrow you’ll do it all again, five seconds faster. Now if your roommate would just move a little quicker on those dishes. Aspiring athlete, this is for you.
It’s Noon, you’re home on a lunch break to get some peace and quiet. You’re met at the door by the love of your life, and a thick wall of pet dander. You’d do anything for that pooch, the one responsible for your chronic allergies and not-so-black formal wear. Hopelessly devoted pet owner, this is for you.
The time is now, and you’ve come to the right place. Whatever words may describe your journey, this post is for you.
We live in a demanding world; a hustle-now culture that makes life feel overwhelmingly fast. It seems nearly impossible to check every box. For the attention we want to pay (family, friends, travel, work, and personal goals) there is always a price. In this era, we have to get closer than ever before with a four letter word nobody likes to say; H-E-L-P. Every individual has their strengths, but more importantly, their weaknesses! And that’s where we come in.
At Bella Cleaning, we believe in using our strengths to pursue our passion. We let our work be the investment that propels our passions forward. Let us put our attention “here,” so you can put yours “there.” The time is now, and you’ve come to the right place!

With love,
Bella Cleaning

Heads Up, We’re in an Office Now!


I am so excited to tell you guys that, due to the hard work of our awesome staff and the loyalty of YOU BEAUTIFUL CLIENTS, we have officially moved into an office!


We’re now located in Mineola instead of Baldwin, but FEAR NOT! This changes absolutely nothing with anybody’s scheduling. We’re still going to continue providing excellent cleaning services near and far.

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Our CREW is brand spankin’ NEW (sort of, kind of, a little bit …)

Happy Friday, beautiful readers!

I just wanted to take a few short minutes to tell you about the changes happening at Bella Cleaning! Along with finding some seriously awesome office space, we also found some stellar cleaning specialists who have joined our lovely team!

Meet Emily and Summer!

Summer Emily Alvarez

I swear that it is only a strange coincidence, but both Emily and Summer are experienced dancers who both graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance. This is great for our clients, because let me tell you, both of these ladies are totally full of energy! They are also both kind and compassionate with a funny side; personally speaking, it is actually physically impossible to work with either of them without experiencing some awesome, bottom-of-the-belly laughs. Their quirkiness and charm make them a perfect fit for Bella Cleaning!

Adventurous and spontaneous, Emily has lived in numerous states around the country, always in search of a new adventure. At 18 years young, she moved to Tempe, Arizona from her home town of Carbondale, Colorado, where she pursued her degree and enjoyed life for several years. In May 2016, she moved to our beautiful state of New York, where she still actively pursues new outlets to exercise her creative energy.

Summer grew up with a single mom and as the oldest of sister of four. Edgy and witty, she charms our clients with her bubbly nature and chatty personality. Summer graduated from LIU Post and has since been constantly scouting for casting calls and auditions. She is cat-obsessed (which seriously makes her no different than the rest of us) and she is extremely fun to work with.

To read more about our newest team members and the senior crew members, visit our About Us page!

*Whispers* Also, between you and I, now is the perfect time to hire Bella Cleaning. I don’t think we’ve had a better crew than we do now!

Thanks for reading, folks! Now, go and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Your friendly neighborhood cleaning lady,

P.S. Isn’t it a great time to get a nice, deep Autumn cleaning? Contact us now and we’ll get you in the schedule!

Dear HGTV, Your Cleaning Crews Need More Credit!

Whenever I’m watching Chip and Joanna Gaines, or Jonathan and Drew Scott, or Christine and Tarek perform their magic in home renovations, I can’t help but constantly think to myself, “Where in the world are the cleaning people?!”

HGTV post

Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and basically every other home renovation show on HGTV seem to have something in common: the houses at the end are beautiful and spotless. Each show will feature this run-down, outdated, sometimes totally disgusting house, and then they’ll show a team get their hands dirty by knocking down walls and installing new finishes, usually followed by a staging crew that’ll make the space look stellar, finally resulting in a completely redone dream home. The one thing these shows seem to forget is to showcase the cleaning crew! I mean, come on now, how else do you guys think all of that sawdust and post-construction dirt is cleaned up? I’ll tell you one thing; it doesn’t just magically disappear.

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Summer’s Here .. Let’s Party!

It’s your friendly neighborhood cleaning lady here!

Finally, guys, a beautiful summer day is upon us! And better yet, the weekend is supposed to be beautiful, too! Clap yo’ hands if you’re excited for beach season!


When summer arrives, many of us want to do one thing: throw a party! It’s much more convenient during the warmer months to throw birthday parties, anniversary gatherings or even simply summer bashes at the house because everyone can stay outside. The one downside to throwing a party at the house, however, is the maintenance and clean-up that comes with it. Let’s face it: nobody wants to spend time serving food, searching for empty cups and plates to clear out, nor cleaning up at any point before, during or after the party.

You may wonder, “OK, yes, but why are you rubbing it in my face?” I’m telling you this because, with Bella Cleaning, you won’t have to worry about any of the maintenance or cleanup should you decide to throw a summer bash!

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True Life: We’re Crazy Cat People

Hey, y’all!

As always, it’s your favorite neighborhood cleaning lady here! I’m really going to burst at the seams if I don’t confess something on behalf of Bella Cleaning: we are totally, completely and undeniably in love with pets.


Juliet’s fur baby, Lily!

Dogs, cats, bunnies, even bearded dragons – we love them all. If you think that you can’t hire a cleaning company because you have a big dog or a sassy cat, you are totally wrong. Bella Cleaning will not only clean all of the animal hair that may be around your house, but we’ll also spoil your fur babies with a lot of love.

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We’re Not Your Mother’s Housekeeper


As much as we may love cute maid outfits, you definitely won’t find us wearing them to your home, where we’ll spend an entire day using your supplies to straighten up, do your laundry and cook you dinner. We’re often mistaken by many for a typical housekeeping service, and believe it or not, there are huge differences between hiring a housekeeper and a house cleaner, and I’d like to take some time today to show you what those differences are, and why a cleaning company might be a better fit for you!

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way saying that housekeepers aren’t needed, but they’re certainly not for everyone. Some similarities between Bella Cleaning and a housekeeper include awesome relationship building, tailored services and respectful workers in your home, but what exactly sets Bella Cleaning apart from your typical Consuela (if you haven’t seen Family Guy, you might not understand what I just said, but you still get my point)?

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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!


Hey, ya’ll!

Oh, man, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you guys! It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks here at Bella Cleaning, but I’ve finally found a few minutes to grace your presence with a blog post. As I sit here with a runny nose, sore throat, and throbbing headache, I can’t help but curse these damn allergies. It’s official. Spring is here.

So, I figured what better topic to discuss then spring cleaning?! It’s that time of year when people become engulfed in the busy bustle of, well, life! Our days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and we’re all slowly climbing out of the insides of our homes to enjoy the gorgeousness that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. But, unfortunately, we do need to reserve a bit of time for that dreaded spring cleaning.

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The Start to a Clutter-Free Life

A clutter-free kitchen is a happy kitchen.

A clutter-free kitchen is a happy kitchen.

Hey, guys! Your friendly neighborhood cleaning lady is here once again!

So normally I talk to you about cleaning and why you *need* Bella Cleaning in your life, but today, I thought we’d go a difference route. Let’s talk about organization for a second, shall we?

As a cleaning lady myself, I can personally attest to the difficulty of cleaning a cluttered home. You know how people always say, “I have to clean the house because the cleaning crew is coming tomorrow”? That’s because a clutter-free home allows us to really get every little nook and cranny when we’re cleaning.

There’s a lot of little things you can do to begin living a clutter-free lifestyle, but, in my opinion, throwing stuff in drawers and closets only puts a temporary band-aid over the problem. My biggest recommendation to successfully de-clutter your home (thus de-cluttering your mind and your life) is to take it slow. Focus on one area at a time. Work from one room to the next.

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Our New Obsession: The Mr. Clean 2017 Superbowl Commercial

Man, let me tell you guys. I’ve missed you! The last time I blogged was on January 13, and it was all about why I chose to quite my stable, 9-to-5 corporate job to become a cleaning lady (click here if you want to read all about that)! I’ve been meaning to post for a while now, but here at Bella Cleaning, we’ve been pretty busy (it’s a good thing, really!). Fortunately, I have a few extra minutes to write today, and I reeeeaaaally wanted to talk to y’all about something that’s been an obsession of mine for a few weeks now: the 2017 Mr. Clean Superbowl commercial.

Seriously, have you guys seen this yet?! It’s glorious!

Let me tell you why this ad is so amazing. First of all, it’s 1,000 percent accurate. Ladies, we can all agree that we’re obsessed with a man who cleans (men, seriously, take note). Second of all, it’s simply hilarious.

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