About Us

Meet Juliet Pocali, our CEO


So passionate about the world of entrepreneurship, Juliet Pocali Tenaglia made a quick decision to leave her stable, corporate job in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful business owner. Despite other people’s opinions that she needed to “stay in the corporate world and just start a little business on the side”, she knew she had to fulfill what her heart was yearning for.

As is the case with so many entrepreneurs, Juliet’s journey to launch a business began when a “safe” job suddenly dissolved. Having watched a friend build a similar cleaning business in Florida, she reached out to learn more and quickly found her thoughts consumed with ideas for her own cleaning business. Juliet had many well-meaning friends and family encouraging her to get back into corporate and trying to convince her that being an employee would be a safer route than being an entrepreneur, but her mind and heart kept reminding her that running her own full-time business was what she was truly meant to do. Now, nearly seven years later, Juliet runs one of the most successful cleaning companies on Long Island!

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Emily Alvarez

Emily is a performance artist, teacher and educator with a taste for adventure. At 18 years old, she moved to Tempe, Arizona from her home town of Carbondale, Colorado. She pursued a bachelor of fine arts in dance at Arizona State University, and later became a full-time dance instructor for street dances and hip-hop movement. In May 2016, she moved to New York in hopes to explore more performing-arts-related opportunities. In addition to dance, Emily also loves to sing, write, and make things pretty. Luckily for us, Emily has also found a passion for cleaning through Bella Cleaning Inc!




Having graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance studies and having grown up with an unyielding passion for theater, Summer is always scouting for casting calls and auditions to pursue her dreams. However, she is a freelancer in many realms and happens to be top notch at cleaning! As the proud, eldest sister of four and lifetime pet owner raised by a single mom, Summer has had the responsibility of cleaning her family’s home for many years. Fortunately, she can now apply those same detailed skills to the homes of Bella Cleaning’s awesome clients!divider



After graduating High School, Gabby decided she needed a change in scenery and went to college in Indiana. She received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Purdue University, and recently moved to Long Island to begin her Masters program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Hofstra. Her future goals include improving leadership, quality of work life, and motivation for as many individuals in organizations as she can. In her free time, Gabby loves to paint, read, and visit family in Upstate New York! She’s also slightly obsessed with the show, The Office! Gabriela has joined our cleaning team for some “cleaning therapy” in between all her studying! divider



Born and raised in NYC, Danielle was exposed to countless cultures and people. She loves learning new things about people and experiencing different  cultures, which goes hand in hand with her love of  travel! Danielle enjoys painting and working out.  In fact, she has trained for, and completed, two Spartan Races so far! In her free time, she values spending time with her family, her boyfriend and their dog, Chewy! Danielle is a great asset to our team since she considers herself to be “slightly OCD”, compelled to tidy up everywhere she goes!