About Us

Meet Juliet Pocali, our CEO


So passionate about the world of entrepreneurship, Juliet Pocali Tenaglia made a quick decision to leave her stable, corporate job in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful business owner. Despite other people’s opinions that she needed to “stay in the corporate world and just start a little business on the side”, she knew she had to fulfill what her heart was yearning for.

As is the case with so many entrepreneurs, Juliet’s journey to launch a business began when a “safe” job suddenly dissolved. Having watched a friend build a similar cleaning business in Florida, she reached out to learn more and quickly found her thoughts consumed with ideas for her own cleaning business. Juliet had many well-meaning friends and family encouraging her to get back into corporate and trying to convince her that being an employee would be a safer route than being an entrepreneur, but her mind and heart kept reminding her that running her own full-time business was what she was truly meant to do. Now, nearly seven years later, Juliet runs one of the most successful cleaning companies on Long Island!

Click here to listen to her podcast interview with Stefanie Sheehan of Mastermind Your Launch!


MEET Holly Anne Silva, Executive Assistant

Holly Pic

Similarly to Juliet, Holly was not feeling fulfilled in the corporate world and decided to take a leap of faith. She joined Bella Cleaning in 2016, and has since worn many hats as Juliet’s assistant. When she’s not in the field, Holly can be found working on the website, sending out our invoices, helping with the bookkeeping, servicing our fleet of cars, and so much more. She’s also the mastermind behind our blog.

Holly is also passionate about the world of entrepreneurship, and some of her hobbies include blogging, social media and philanthropy, as well as cuddling with her dog, Sage and her cat, Ebony.


MEET Laura Natoli, Senior Cleaning Specialist


A famous actor and comedian in the making, Laura joined the crew at Bella Cleaning back in 2015, and has since become an integral member of the team! She is our most senior employee and is adored by all of our clients. When she’s not wooing our clients with her smile and charm, Laura can be found going to open mics in the city, pursuing a future in theater or worshiping her cat, Zelda.




Jen can definitely best be described as a people person. If she’s the one cleaning your home, she won’t leave until she’s asked you how your kids are doing, if you had fun at the wedding you attended last week, and whether or not everything in your house looks perfect. A perfect mother of two amazing little kiddos, Jen enjoys spending quality time with her family and ensuring the constant happiness of her kids. She joined Bella Cleaning in 2016 and has since become not only a great colleague, but an awesome friend.




Since February of 2012, Ryan has been lifting the Bella Cleaning team with his wit, his sass and his contagious smile. A college student at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, he is very active in the philanthropy community. When Ryan isn’t studying for his criminal justice major or entrepreneurship minor, he can often be found chatting with our clients as he cleans their homes, bumming on the Long Island beaches or walking the New York City streets.



Taylor G

When Taylor isn’t impressing our clients with her awesome cleaning skills, she is impressing patients as their nurse! She loves taking care of people and is extremely passionate about helping everyone. Taylor takes a lot of pride in her work, and when she’s not working, she enjoys her little bit of free time by hanging out with her friends, family and boyfriend, as well as getting in a good work out at the gym. Taylor joined Bella Cleaning during the summer of 2017.